Social life on the mountain includes youth soccer leagues, Sunday services, holiday suppers and summer movie nights at Carter Field, tennis teams and the long, slow spin of a perfect putt across a gorgeous green.

We are a community built for fun, for families, and for the moments that give life meaning.

Fairyland Club Face Lift

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If the storied walls of the Fairyland Club could talk, they’d probably tell you about the hundreds of first dances they’ve witnessed in the ballroom since opening in 1926. They may talk about family dinners, children’s birthday parties or anniversary celebrations. But mostly, they would probably breathe a very loud sigh of relief as the club wraps up its most extensive renovations to date.

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places, most of the Club’s wiring and plumbing were original. And while its mountain stone walls are as strong as ever, the roof shingles, windows and oak ballroom floor were a different story.

“The ballroom had been sanded for the last time,” says manager Bob Guth, who was hired for his expertise in construction. Managing clubs across the South including the Grove Park Inn, Guth has overseen renovations for an untold number of square feet. “This renovation was driven by the members wanting a new fitness center, but first we had to take a hard look at the infrastructure.”

With an ambitious five-month time frame, the Club repaired the roof, replaced every window with brand-new thermal insulated models, brought all wiring and plumbing up to date (including boosting its Wi-Fi) and made external changes to prevent water from seeping into the basement. And those are just the unseen changes.

New furniture, flooring and paint can be found throughout the property. The area outside the formal dining room is now the library; removing the bar and replacing with a grand piano and soft lighting. In the casual dining room, interior glass doors can now be closed to partition it from the bar area, making it more comfortable for those with small children.

Outside the landscaping was overhauled and six large trees were removed (their roots were growing into the foundation). New stone paths were added to make the ballroom handicap accessible, and the slope of the valet driveway was changed to make rainwater run away from the building.

Of course, the crown jewel of the renovation is the first-class fitness center.

In addition to gaining 800 square feet, the suspended ceiling was removed to make the space feel even larger. All new equipment was purchased, including five treadmills and elliptical machines, and the locker rooms were completely overhauled. A wall of picture windows was installed, now offering the best view you can get from a treadmill.

Guth worked with interior designer and club member Adele Glascock to freshen up the interior while remaining true to its historic roots. He also credits a dedicated building committee for the renovation’s success. The new look was unveiled in a party for members this past Memorial Day, with 400-plus in attendance.

“The feedback so far has been 100 percent positive,” says Guth. “We’ve already brought in several new members and hope to see more. While we’ve completed the bulk of renovations, more things are coming in the next few months.”

For more information on joining the Fairyland Club, visit their website or call the front desk at 706-820-1551.

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Lookout Mountain Man is Tested on Jeopardy!

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The first person from Lookout Mountain, TN to appear on America’s favorite quiz show, Jeopardy!

Who is Matt Farr?

On April 16, Matt Farr made local history by appearing on the iconic game show, Jeopardy! With a population of less than 2,000, it will likely be the first and last time Johnny Gilbert announces “From Lookout Mountain, Tennessee…”

And while the 29-year-old says he grew up watching the show, he never dreamed he would one day exchange pleasantries with Alex Trebek. He took the online test on a bit of a whim after some encouragement from his wife, Elizabeth. He was called back for an in-person interview a few months later, but then…silence.

I’ll never forget sitting at my desk and getting the phone call telling me I’d been selected for the show. I kept thinking ‘this is not real.'

"I had all but written off my chances,” he recalls. “I’ll never forget sitting at my desk and getting the phone call telling me I’d been selected for the show. I kept thinking ‘this is not real.'"

Farr took the online test in March 2012 and had his in-person interview in August, which took place in New Orleans. The producers told him it could be as long as 18 months before he heard anything, and to not get discouraged if he wasn’t selected. Turns out even Brad Rutter – the show’s biggest all-time money winner – tried out two or three times before making it onto the show.

“During the interview they make you take another test and I honestly didn’t think I’d done very well on it,” he says. “I remember thinking ‘I’m way out of my league.’ I’ve always had a fair bit of success retaining useless trivia, but everyone else there was coach of their high schools’ quiz bowl team or spent every spare moment playing trivia at local bars.”

Even so, the Chattanooga native learned it’s not necessarily what you know, but how you play the game.

“I’d say it’s about 20 percent what you know, and 80 percent who buzzes in the fastest,” he says. “It is absolutely soul crushing to know the answer and hear Trebek call someone else’s name.”

Up against a six-day returning champ, Farr unfortunately came in third. Knowing he couldn’t catch the leader, Sandie Baker, he wagered and lost everything on the final question. Even so, he holds his head high for getting double Jeopardy! in the first round. (And for the record, no one got the final question.)

“There is no sting of defeat – I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” he says. “It was so much fun to check that off my bucket list. I would suggest that anyone who’s interested to take the test, because you just never know.”

Farr works as associate director of annual giving at The University of the South and lives on Lookout Mountain with his wife and two dogs. He didn’t grow up on Lookout but says it quickly became home when moving here almost four years ago.

Everyone in this community is so friendly and warm – it feels like Mayberry sometimes

"Everyone in this community is so friendly and warm – it feels like Mayberry sometimes,” he jokes. “It definitely has its own unique charm."


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